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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

JDF Soldiers Suffering From Lung Infection

Recently a friend of my died from lung infection. The diagonosis  was Abestos Poisoning.dead
The doctors were treating him for Asthma .His lungs was collecting water and he had to drain them regularly. He was suffering from breathing difficulty and had to be wearing an oxygen mast.
He went into the hospital in July and by November He  was dead

 He was sixty four years old,How did he get abestos poisoning. One would say he was not living in any house that had abestos. However he was a mechanic and was changing brake shoe from he was in hjs early twenties if not before. A estos can affect you as early as  thirty years before showing any signs or symptoms.

Abestos pipes has been banned in most recent years in theand in modt industries after it was proven to give cancer.But in countries like China it is still used in some manufactoring such as some cstegories of break shoe.
 The fibers can come off the break shoes and affe t the lungs.

it is of utermost importance that mechanics wear nose mask when  changing  working on breaks.
abestos is known for it ability to withstand heat and is good for area that experience heat and friction but it gives off small fiber like particles that can stick to the lungs and cause difficulty in breathinh and can lead to lung cancer

I would suggest to the Jamaican health authorities not to rule out abestos poisoning.
There is also the possibility of the sick building syndrome that can also affect the resparitory system.Check for molds in the area in which they sleep.
i do hope the problem is solved urgently.